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samedi 2 décembre 2023

Overcoming barriers to CBT for depression in adolescents – Atelier en Anglais

Shirley Reynolds (Reading, UK) | Ateliers cliniques - Enfant/Adolescent | Chêne-Bourg

Shirley Reynolds (Reading, UK)

Overcoming barriers to CBT for depression in adolescents

Date et salle :   samedi 2 décembre 2023, HUG, Belle-Idée, Les Champs, Genève

Horaire :           9h00 – 17h00

Prix :       membres ASPCo Frs 180.- / non membres Frs 280.- psychologues et psychiatres formés ou en formation

Délai d’inscription :         23 novembre 2023. Les inscriptions sur place restent possibles mais sont majorées de Frs 10.-

Modalité de paiement : en cas de désistement une semaine avant l’atelier 20% de frais seront facturés. Après ce délai, ou si un(e) participant(e) inscrit(e) n’assiste pas à l’atelier, le 100% est dû.

Description de l’atelier

Depression in adolescents is common and tend to peak at age 15.  Adolescence is a critical period of social and cognitive development and depression interferes with many of the normal interpersonal and academic goals of adolescence.  Depression therefore often has short and long-term negative effects on cognition, social and educational functioning, mental and physical health.  It is therefore important to identify adolescent depression promptly and then to offer effective and accessible treatments that young people will engage with.  CBT is considered the gold standard treatment for adolescent depression – however, no treatment, can help if young people do not engage with it.

This workshop will consider how to adapt CBT to meet the needs of young people with depression.  The symptoms of depression, e.g. anhedonia, cognitive impairment, fatigue, suicidal thoughts and behaviours, hopelessness and low mood make it particularly difficult to develop a collaborative relationship in therapy and to carry out some of the element of CBT e.g. homework tasks, abstract reasoning.

In this workshop we will focus on key elements of delivering CBT to depressed young people.

  • Engaging young people and keeping them in treatment
  • Scaffolding therapy based on developmental/cognitive constraints
  • Reducing cognitive demands and increasing motivation
  • Focusing on young people’s values ‘What’s important to you?’
  • Increasing positive reinforcement and rewards
  • Involving parents

Training Modalities:  This workshop will be very practically based. There will be lecture based elements to convey key information group discussion, Q&A, case examples and video clips, and practice (role-plays).


Biographie express

Professor Shirley Reynolds is a clinical psychologist, and researcher. She has been the Director of the Charlie Waller Institute at the University of Reading, Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Norwich Medical School and President of the British Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (BABCP).  She is also Founder and Director of CBTReach, delivering online training workshops in CBT.

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Overcoming barriers to CBT for depression in adolescents – Atelier en Anglais
Shirley Reynolds (Reading, UK)
samedi 2 décembre 2023
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